Real California Milk Cheeses

Real California Milk: Yummy, Healthy Dairy Goodness for the Family

Dairy is a big part of my family’s diet. Cheese, butter, and especially milk are staples on our table. And when the kids ask, we’d have ice cream sometimes. Besides being delicious, dairy has loads of health benefits. It’s a great source for Calcium and Vitamin D that help my kids develop stronger bones, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis…

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LEAD Tutorial and Preschool Life Hacks Summer Workshop

Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 1

After we attended a sample class for LEAD Tutorial and Preschool’s Life Hacks Summer Workshop, hubby decided to enroll our eldest daughter. He was impressed with the lessons offered because they were not the usual academics or sports-themed classes. Life Hacks was, well, about life hacks, practical stuff that are useful in any situation. We decided that it would only…

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Starbucks® PH Mobile App

Starbucks Philippines Launches Mobile App

First, Starbucks Philippines made purchasing easier and more rewarding with the Starbucks Card. Now it takes cashless shopping to a new level with the launch of its mobile app. The Starbucks® PH App provides a fast and convenient payment method for customers in more than 300 stores across the market. It integrates the popular Starbucks Card paying method and the…

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Berber Rug

The Handmade Rug From The Atlas Mountains – The Beni Ourain Rug

Rugs were among the first pieces of functional art that humans developed, and the modern Berber rug is a part of that ancient tradition. The modern rugs are still woven by hand with traditional techniques, and the patterns that decorate them draw on tribal traditions that date back centuries. The Beni Ourain rug remains popular with modern designers in spite…

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