Badass Bakes: Cupcakes with an attitude

Over the holidays, our home was filled with so many food items — given as gifts, included in Christmas baskets, or bought in stores. One of those that made its way to us are cupcakes from Badass Bakes.

Badass Bakes is a venture of 2 ladies who are writers by day, entrepreneurs by whenever. 😀 Both have a passion for food and wit, and it shows through the cupcakes they create. The concept of their business is to challenge the market’s current perception of cupcakes by concocting bold yet delicious flavors unheard of in the cupcake world.

Badass Bakes Cupcakes

Badass Bakes’ delicious cupcakes

I got to taste 2 of their cupcake variants when hubby brought home a box. The first was the Red Velvet cupcake, topped with cream cheese frosting sprinkled with red sugar. The second was what they call Badass M*therf*cker (yes, the name very much follows their “cupcakes with an attitude” mantra), which is basically a chocolate cupcake with cayenne bacon bits, topped with honey buttercream frosting with spicy bacon brittle.

Both cupcakes were moist and delicious. The Badass M*therf*cker, in particular, was quite interesting, with the spicy-sweet mix playing inside the mouth, Have to admit, though, that it’s not for everybody, but if you’re one with an adventurous taste, you have to try it.

Badass Bakes is a start-up venture, so I’ll be watching out for other cupcake flavors that they may be coming up with. If you want to know more about them, check out their Facebook Page. For orders, you can contact 09159216988. Cupcakes are available in one dozen, half dozen, and foursome boxes.

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  • Marie February 7, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    cool! i like their concept. nakakatuwa! wanna try that spicy-sweet mix since most of the cupcakes taste sweet as always. 🙂


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