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A pretty late post. Also something I failed to document because it’s been weeks since my phone bogged down.Anyway, enough excuses. I got invited to the Red Ribbon Red Letter Day Event for Mother’s Day at their flagship store in SM Megamall over the weekend. It was a Cake Creations Buffet Bar, which means my companion and I can cake-all-we-want for one hour.It…

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Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience + Culminating Activity – Week 4

Since last month, I’ve been sharing to you my kid’s experience at the Life Hacks Workshop of LEAD Tutorial and Preschool. See Week 1 here, Week 2 here, and Week 3 here.Week 4 was basically a revalida (or review — what a big word, LOL!) of what they learned for the past weeks and practice time for their Culminating Activity. During the Parent-Teacher session over the weekend…

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Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 3

My daughter just completed Week 3 of the Life Hacks Summer Workshop at LEAD Tutorial Center in Mandaluyong. Week 1 details here, Week 2 here.Their third week began with a field trip to a nearby BDO branch. Since they learned about Philippine currency the previous week, the next session was an application of what they learned. My daughter said they filled out a deposit slip and they even gave…

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Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 2

So far, my eldest has been enjoying her Life Hacks Summer Workshop at LEAD Tutorial Center in Mandaluyong. Week 1 was about some simple household chores. On Week 2, they tackled about calling parents during an emergency, car washing, and identifying money.In the first activity, the teacher asked the students to memorize the cellphone number of their parents in case there is stranger danger or an emergency. My daughter…

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Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 1

After we attended a sample class for LEAD Tutorial and Preschool’s Life Hacks Summer Workshop, hubby decided to enroll our eldest daughter. He was impressed with the lessons offered because they were not the usual academics or sports-themed classes. Life Hacks was, well, about life hacks, practical stuff that are useful in any situation.We decided that it would only be Ate who’ll attend since she’s…

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It’s a Magical Easter at Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel

Celebrate the joy of Easter in a magical way with Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel’s “A Magical Easter” event. Be joined by bunnies and unicorns as they team up to make the day extra fun and enjoyable for the kids and the kids at heart.Happening on April 1, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Alcuaz Function Room, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel will take you…

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Fam Staycation at The Linden Suites

First, Batangas. Now, Pasig. Interesting that I’ve been staying somewhere else besides home for the weekend. This time at The Linden Suites in Ortigas.Background: My brother and his wife, both OFWs in Dubai, wanted to gift their families with a staycation. The surprise was that, unknown to all (except for a select few), they were going to be there. Everyone was expecting them to come back to the…

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Mommy Diary: On Expecting Miracles in a Rational World

I know I’ve written about it before. But for those new on the blog, I would like to share that my youngest daughter has G6PD deficiency. This is a genetic and benign condition in which the red blood cells lack the protective G6PD enzyme. When a G6PD-deficient person ingests or comes into contact with prohibited food or chemicals, their red blood cells erupt. This will cause hemolysis, with…

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Some Tips on Buying a Car for the Family

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed here are all my own based on my experience.As a family who would like to spend weekends out and about (as a break from the hectic work and school week), we found that having a car is essential. We’ve experienced commuting with the kids and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. My eldest, especially, had motion sickness, and…