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Since there are kids in the house, I make sure that there’s always ample supply of milk on the table. When I was a kid, my mom would make me drink milk twice a day: during breakfast and before bedtime. I’m also doing that to my kids, too, because I know that growing children like them need the nutrients that come from it.Everyone knows that milk is…

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Real California Milk: Yummy, Healthy Dairy Goodness for the Family

Dairy is a big part of my family’s diet. Cheese, butter, and especially milk are staples on our table. And when the kids ask, we’d have ice cream sometimes.Besides being delicious, dairy has loads of health benefits. It’s a great source for Calcium and Vitamin D that help my kids develop stronger bones, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis for adults like me and hubby. Dairy…

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Athena Milk and Crave Healthy: Created Especially for Women by Unilab

It’s easy to find food and drinks that cater to both men and women. But sometimes, because men and women have different nutritional needs, it becomes important to find some that meets your dietary requirements. Like for example, women need more calcium than men because we are more prone to having osteoporosis. Calcium also affects the female hormones, and is more needed during pregnancy.That’s why it’s…

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What’s your Legacy?

Everyone lives. Everyone dies. However, not everyone leaves a legacy or lives a life that will leave a legacy which is sad because when they are gone, they are easily forgotten. To not be forgotten, you need to live a life that makes a difference in the life of others … to live a life that will be remembered by many with positivity because you did something to inspire them or…

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Mommy Diary: On Expecting Miracles in a Rational World

I know I’ve written about it before. But for those new on the blog, I would like to share that my youngest daughter has G6PD deficiency. This is a genetic and benign condition in which the red blood cells lack the protective G6PD enzyme. When a G6PD-deficient person ingests or comes into contact with prohibited food or chemicals, their red blood cells erupt. This will cause hemolysis, with…

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SUNPIOLOGY Evolves into #SunpiologyDUO Bike-Run Event

Sunpiology, the highly-anticipated fun run organized annually by Sun Life Financial Philippines, will soon cater to both running and cycling enthusiasts. It will now become a two-fold event called Sunpiology Duo.#SunpiologyDUO will come in two parts: Sun Life Cycle PH @BGC and Sun Life Resolution Run.Sun Life Cycle PH will take place on November 18, 2017 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Sun Life will…