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For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating on doing a blog redesign. Not that I dislike its current look. I just feel that the theme I’m using has some limits that I wanna do away with.The current theme, which I found while browsing some premium WordPress theme, looks good. And it’s been the theme since I went dot-com or self-hosted. But there are…

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Website Boo-boos: on SSL Certificates and Leaving *Stuff* to the Experts

So yesterday, I had quite an experience with my website. I tinkered a bit too much that something happened that required me to contact my hosting provider.Before that, I was asking a friend of mine about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates. The one that gives your site the “HTTPS” in the beginning. This is purchased by websites to protect data passing from user to the website. My friend, who…

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The Blog Stats Surprise

I’ve been blogging for almost more than a decade now (since 2004 before having my self-hosted site in 2017). And during this course of my journey, I’ve been content with having a few views.Views are still views, after all. At least someone was reading my blog.The highest number I’ve had was like 90-something in one day. Most days, the daily views would range…

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Yes, I Am a #Tita

I celebrated my birthday early this week. And now, I’m pushing 40. But I still feel young, LOL!Anyhoo, a day after my birthday, I found myself getting added to the Titos and Titas of Manila page over at Facebook. My sister added me there. Like, WHUT?! Not that I’m denying that I’m a #Tita because I am, hahaha! But my hubby was a member there… until…

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Celebrating Natural Beauty with the Naturals Beauty Fair

Natural beauty takes center stage as Lazada holds its Naturals Beauty Fair from Sept. 27 to 30, 2017. The nature-based campaign led by Unilever will bring out your inner glow with your most-loved naturals beauty finds at a steal.Give your hair the de-stressing it needs with TRESEMME’s Detox & Nourish Range for as low as Php106. TRESEMME’s Detox & Nourish Shampoo 170ML will have…

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Thinking of going dot-com

I’ve been running my blog on free WordPress since 2008. And after exposing myself to the wonders of blogging, it dawned on me that I want to change my blog to to a site.I realized that, while WordPress is so easy to use, there are limitations when using the free hosted version. For one, the selection of templates for the free version. Second…

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Blogging hubby

Taking time out just to say hello and my apologies for not being able to write anything for days now. I had an on-and-off fever since Thursday last week coupled with nasty colds and cough. Everything’s a bit better now. My back just aches. I think I need a masseuse. I feel a sort of lamig there on the upper left part of my back, if you…

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Going a-Tumblr-ing

I don’t know what got into me. Managing a couple of blogs is already a huge task. I guess I just wanted to try Tumblr because I was curious why a lot of people are actually enjoying it there.I guess it’s because posting and managing media files are pretty easy. Sort of like Multiply (but not blocked by a firewall in our office, hahaha!). I think if…