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Valentine's Day Flowers

Personal Musings: He Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day. It’s this day wherein people give and receive flowers and gifts. In my office, the HR department prepared a Valentine’s surprise that included a red rose and a bag of chocolates (with corny hugot quotes). Yeah, I got a flower from the office peeps on Valentine’s Day. But not from my husband. He’s actually never given me…

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How to do a Valentine’s surprise, the Doug Kramer + Red Ribbon Way

Valentine’s Day — it’s that day when people surprise their significant others with acts of love, be it simple or grand. One person who took it to great heights is Doug Kramer, GlobalPort’s power forward and one-fifth of Team Kramer. Watch the video below and see his sweet Valentine surprise for his wife, actress Cheska Garcia: The big reveal of…

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The “itchy” year

As I’m writing this post, my hubby and daughters are already fast asleep, getting their much-needed rest for a hectic week ahead. So, 7 years of marriage. People say it’s at this point that married couples would feel what’s called the “7-year itch”. According to everyone’s favorite resource, Wikipedia, it’s “a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship…

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