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Crave Healthy - Snack for Pregnant Women

Athena Milk and Crave Healthy: Created Especially for Women by Unilab

It’s easy to find food and drinks that cater to both men and women. But sometimes, because men and women have different nutritional needs, it becomes important to find some that meets your dietary requirements. Like for example, women need more calcium than men because we are more prone to having osteoporosis. Calcium also affects the female hormones, and is…

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Mommy diary: Bunso’s first hospital confinement

So, after a long while, I’m back at blogging. And with a new story to tell. Not a very happy story, but… See, Thursday last week (as of this writing), we rushed Ayla, our 7-month-old daughter, to the hospital. The night before, she suddenly had fever. At 3 AM, her temperature wasn’t going down and we couldn’t wait until morning…

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Mommy diary: Of math, my daughter, and me

Upon coming home from work last night, I immediately checked my daughter’s homework notebook to check if she needed something done for tomorrow. Reading her handwriting (which still needs some improvement), I learned that her class was going to have a quiz in Math today, about expanded notation. (My kid’s in Kinder 2 and they’re studying about expanded notation? WHUT.…

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