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I’ve been blogging for years now, I’ve had brands contact me to post for them, attend their event, etc. But it’s only now that I’ve gotten into making a media kit and rate card for my blog.To be honest, my initial thoughts were: I’m still not at the level of influencers and big-time bloggers I’ve only worked with a few brands Are…

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On LTFRB, Grab, and Uber From a Commuter’s Point of View

Let it be known that I am a full-fledged commuter. I ride the UV Express to and from work almost every day. When I meet up with hubby for some after-work weekend dates (hehe!), I take the EDSA bus or the MRT from Ayala to Megamall. Sometimes, when I need to go somewhere, I take the jeep to get to my destination, especially if it’s in Cubao…

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Compensation for your work’s value: Exposure or something more?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. Got too busy with a lot of stuff. Anyhoo…Some weeks ago, I stumbled upon the blog of Mr. Wil Wheaton. For those my age, you’d recognize him as the cute Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation (and probably had a crush on him, too) or, if you were already a film buff in…

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Weighing in on Mary Jane Veloso and the Indonesia executions

Disclaimer: I am no expert in any legalities or in anything that relates to this news, other than that I have heard of and read about the issue surrounding Mary Jane Veloso and the 8 other people in Indonesia’s death row. I am just voicing out my opinion in this post.——–The Philippines is rejoicing today, with the news that Mary Jane Veloso, convicted of drug trafficking in Indonesia…

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I guess it’s weird that I only got to write about growing a year older 2 days after my actual birthday. Fact is, I don’t really feel a year older. It’s just easier to remember how old I am now (I count by 5s, hehe!).Right now, I’m more anxious about the next few weeks. On my 36th week of pregnancy, actually, as of this writing…

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Press release: Cord blood, a new hope for Leukemia

NOTE: Below is a press release from Cordlife Philippines, the first and only umbilical cord blood and tissue processing and cryopreservation facility in the country. With facilities around Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong, Cordlife aims to provide Pinoys and Asians with high-quality cord blood processing and storage services to protect their children’s cord blood stem cells. Cordlife Philippines is registered with the Department of Health…

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The Mario “adventure”

Four days after Tropical Storm Mario hit the country, I’m back online. It would have been sooner if it did not bring the rains of Habagat to Metro Manila. And since we live in a low-lying area and PAGASA declared a Red Rainfall Warning over the metro starting Friday morning… well, you can easily add that up.My family has survived countless storms, including Ondoy last 2009, and…