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Photo credit: Pexels.comLet me deviate from my usual posts to write something a bit personal.You can skip reading this if you want. Nothing really interesting, just a brief rant of sorts………………………….Read at your own risk, I guess? LOL!——————–It’s just the third week of the year and I feel like I’m ready to implode anytime.This has been a feeling carried over from last…

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Going for the Design Your Life Planner This 2018

For 2018, I’ve opted for the Design Your Life Planner, particularly the Back to Basics planner, to accompany me on my personal and career journey. Yes, instead of using one of the planners I got without cost (from a previous event), I bought me one.So why choose this planner?To be honest, I wanted a planner that met my needs. The ones I’ve used the previous years…

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Why I Chose to Open a Sun Life Money Market Fund for Php500

Last week, I saw a post from a friend and former classmate of mine who works as a Sun Life financial advisor. She said that you can open a Money Market Fund (mutual fund) at Sun Life for just Php 500 during this month of September. I got curious because I’ve been hearing and reading about mutual funds lately and it seems that this investment is good. Sun Life is a reputable insurance company so I think whatever I put here will be in good hands.

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The Working Writer on Writing and its Misconceptions

The above quote is a favorite of mine. It speaks of me as a writer and how other people view me and other writers in the workplace.As a background: I’ve been writing for a long time. Probably almost all my life. I remember getting  good grades in English writing classes when I was  in elementary and high school. I pursued journalistic writing in college, with the urging of…

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Post-birthday musings and political stuff

Officially 3 years away from the big 4-0, when they say life begins.Does that mean 3 years more in inception stage?————A day before my birthday, Ferdinand Marcos was buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Stealth-mode preps from the family. Of course, once Filipinos got wind of the situation, the 21-gun salute was going on and a sort-of SDE (hey, drone shots!) was already…