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An interesting date. With interesting occurrences.


On the 40th day of President Cory Aquino’s demise, her son, Noynoy reveals his plans to run for president in the upcoming elections. And he’s looking at Mar Roxas to be his running mate.

Perhaps a gesture of thanks? And a bit of an apology at the same time?


Expectations are now high for Noynoy, being the son of two icons of Philippine democracy.

But somehow, I don’t want him to run for the highest position in the country. For me, he hasn’t proved much yet. He still needs to gain more experience in legislation and governance.

People may argue that his mom did not have any legislative experience prior to her becoming president.

But that and this one are two different situations. It worked during President Cory’s time because it was a time when people’s rights are being trampled upon by a powerful few. She was a symbol of struggle and hope, and because of that she won the Filipinos over.

In this time when the definition of democracy is being skewed, will the same magic still work?


I will not vote for anyone simply because of sympathy. Or because of pedigree.

I will vote for someone who has proven his/her worth in society and in the government.

Noynoy should give me more than enough reason to make me write his name in that ballot come next year. He has about eight more months to do that.

I hope that’s enough time.


Today is the day when my colleague Mark’s remains will be cremated.

I know Mark is now safe in God’s arms. I worry about his loved ones, though.

I saw how Mark’s family was trying to stay strong. Levi, his girlfriend, on the other hand, broke down when she recalled what happened that day.

It was painful for me to see that behind their smile is a kind of hurt that’s hard to endure. Especially that of his dad’s (who looks absolutely like him) when he told us, “Wala na si Mark.”

I know they have so many questions in their heads right now. I really hope that they will find out what really happened to him.

May the truth be found so that everyone can be at peace.

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