10 days before Christmas

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… and I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. Dang.

I told myself last month that once I get my 13th month pay, I’m going to buy gifts for my family. I dunno if I had just been busy for the past weeks that I find myself rushing to buy presents for the Holidays.

I only have one day to do it because the weekend will once again be busy and hubby, baby, and I are going to stay in Novaliches on the 22nd.

Which means I have to buy on Friday for my family, and nephews and nieces.

I haven’t even bought Zee’s gift. Even hubby’s.

The good thing, though, is that I have an idea what to buy for them.

The nephews, nieces, and godchildren will be quite a challenge. Oh yeah, and my dad’s too.

Here’s hoping I can do what I have to do all in one day.

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