10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

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Moms are commonly the ones  holding and managing the family budget. They ensure that earnings go to savings and expenses. And, with the man of the house, she is the one who must teach their children the value of money.

With that said, I must admit that I’m no expert in budgeting. Although I know that one should have savings, an emergency fund, and an investment. Or something like that. And insurance.

See, I told you I was no expert in money matters.

But fortunately, there are resources that teach you all about money, its value, and how to use it wisely. One of these is MoneyMax Philippines, a website that offers Filipinos information needed with regards to financial and telecommunication products, helping people make informed purchasing decisions.

Among their helpful tips is the infographic below: 10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn. Because even at a young age, children should be aware of the attitudes and beliefs to have with regards to finances.

10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn Infographic

Yes, gaining financial security and freedom is a combination of having the right attitude about money, observing the right habits, and making money work for you so you don’t have to work for it.

The infographic is very informative and useful, even for adults like me. Take the time to study it and gauge your standing in terms of financial literacy and freedom. As for me, there are still some things to tick off, like investing in the stock market and real estate, and lessening liabilities and increasing assets. And I have to finish paying off my credit card dues. :0

Teach your children these money principles and lead them to become financially free in their grown-up years.

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