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What a late New Year post!

2015 was quite a ride for me. A lot of transitions, actually: taking care of a new baby, transferring my daughter to another school, a sort-of new work system, seeing colleagues-turned-friends going to greener pastures, discovering people’s true colors, and everyday challenges. But there were still constants: a good job, supportive family and friends, wonderful and pleasantly surprising opportunities, and the feeling of being blessed and protected as I tread uncertain roads.

I know 2016 will offer more challenges for me. As it is, the roadblocks have seemed to form in front of me already. Nevertheless, I will face it with the same positivity and resiliency. After all, these are what made me survive the previous year.

And also God’s grace. I know He has plans for me. It may not be clear to me, but I’m pretty sure there’s a silver lining somewhere.

So 2016, bruised and all I may be from last year, I’m ready for you.

Bring it on, world!

P.S. No New Year’s Resolutions for me. I usually forget about them by February. Haha!

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