2016 Starbucks Red Cups feature two Filipino designs

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Remember the furor over the Starbucks 2015 Red Cups? (Crazy, seriously. I’m Roman Catholic and I was not offended in any way, nor did I think the company was waging “war on Christmas”. Whew, people are so agit.) It sparked an idea wherein the red cups became a blank canvas for customers to create their own artworks. And last December, Starbucks invited people to share their designs on Instagram. From among over 1,200 submissions from around the world, the company chose 13 designs to feature in this year’s Holiday Red Cups.

2016 Starbucks Red Cups
The 2016 Starbucks Red Cups

Dena Blevins, creative director for Starbucks Global Creative Studio, shared: “We were surprised and inspired by the amount of incredible art submitted by our customers, the designs were beautiful, expressive and engaging. We quickly realized that there was potential to use the customer created art for our holiday cups.”

Among the chosen designs are two from Filipinos: “Ornaments” by Anz Soza and “Birch Forest” by Chloe Deogaygay. If you’ve been purchasing your Starbucks Holiday Beverages, you’ve probably gotten hold of their creations. 🙂

Anz Soza Starbucks Red Cup Ornaments
Anz Soza with her “Ornaments” design

Anz, an interior designer now based in Dubai, made a hobby of doodling Starbucks cups, collecting more than 75 creations. She uses her designs to prove that sometimes, all we need is a change in perspective.

“Every time I draw on my cups, I always imagine myself as another person using the cup I designed. It’s like talking to them through my drawings. I want the other person to feel that whatever situation he/she is in right now, everything’s gonna be okay,” she said. Her winning design, ‘Ornaments,’ shows the joyous holiday season through dream catchers.

Meanwhile, Chloe, a nurse now based in Chicago, created a wintry design which reminds her of her home in the States. “I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with winter since I moved to Illinois. Even though I’ve experienced a blizzard, getting stuck in snow, and extreme winter temperatures, I have come to appreciate the beauty of trees and fields all covered in white snow,” she said.

Chloe Deogaygay Starbucks Red Cups Birch Forest
Chloe Deogaygay with her Birch Forest Red Cup

Chloe also studied multimedia arts and have always been into graphic design. As an avid Starbucks card collector, she shows her creativity by designing envelopes with washi tapes and white pens to surprise fellow collectors she swap with.

The Holiday Red Cup designs, inspired by the stories of Starbucks customers from all over the world, feature traditional Christmas lights and ornaments, snowflakes, and winter landscapes that express the shared spirit of the Yuletide Season.

“We loved how the red cups with white designs naturally created a collection. They hang together as one idea but each expression is unique,” said Blevins.

Take home Anz’s and Chloe’s designs, as well as the other artsy Red Cups, when you visit a Starbucks store near you.


  1. Chloe

    A friend of mine has stumbled onto your website and found this post featuring Anz and I! Thank you for featuring us in your blog and I appreciate it 🙂 Hopefully you got yourself any of the red cups hehe. Wishing you and your family a great Christmas season and also a prosperous New Year. ^-^

    5 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      Thanks for dropping by, Chloe! You and Anz deserve the recognition because of your artistry. And yes, I had a chance to get this year’s red cups (always has been a tradition to drink the Holiday Beverages, hehe). Merry Christmas to you, too! 😀

      5 years ago

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