Before 2018: Reflections On The Year That Was

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… or is, as of this writing. It’s still some days before 2018.

So here’s what I can truthfully say: 2017 isn’t my favorite year. It’s been a roller coaster of things and emotions and to be honest, not a very happy year. 2017 has seen me at my worst, I must say, that I think I’ve reached the lowest of lows after a slow downward spiral.

Well, some nice things did happen from time to time. Still, I felt so down this year. I couldn’t count how many times I went inside the bathroom or the bedroom to cry in silence out of stress, anxiety, and sheer frustration. That sucky feeling peaked in November that I wanted to simply unplug from everything that was pulling me down.

December was kinder, though. Yeah, it was only this month that I felt everything calmed down. I calmed down. I was in some people’s crosshairs less, probably because their attention is somewhere else for most of the time. That gave me a break, although I’m not shunning the probability that I’m gonna be on someone’s radar again.

But 2018… should I hope that next year will be kinder to me? I don’t know. Part of me doesn’t want to hope or expect anything anymore. It just leaves me tired and frustrated and, to a point, angry at myself and at the world.

I guess I’ll just let it come. Probably let it pass. I don’t know.

Horoscopes that I’ve read recently are pretty optimistic. Or maybe it’s just a form of mind-conditioning. Hard to take their word for it, though. But I think somehow they’ve also helped me feel better about what’s to come.

Well, let’s see.

Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful year. May 2018 be as great or even better for you. For us.

2018 New Year

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