3 Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom

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Most of us started off with a new sparkling bathroom when we first shifted into our brand new home. But after some years have passed, there are some areas of the bathroom that have gone through the daily use that brought about the wear and tear of the fittings in the bathroom and may leave behind some unsightly marks on the walls and floor tiles.

After a while, we tend to get bored with the same old bathroom and we wanted something new and fresh-looking. If you look long enough, you will gather enough reasons to have something done to the bathroom.

JAC Interior Design Palm Springs Bathroom

For those who can afford, you can easily consult and get one of the interior designers Palm Spring to come and take a look at the bathroom. They will be able to come up with some great ideas and give you the quotes for a brand new bathroom. But in reality, not many of us can afford a totally brand new bathroom as most of us are limited with a tight budget especially with growing up children and financial commitment.

Bathroom - JAC Interiors Palm Springs Interior Designer

Reviving an old existing bathroom is not that overly costly. There are certain ways we can update our bathroom to give it style and make it attractive at affordable price. Great ideas can be taken from websites of some of the best interior design firms. Some of these websites feature up-to-date trendy bathroom designs. With such ideas, you can use your creativity to update your existing bathroom into a nice modern-day bathroom. Below are 3 easy ways to give your bathroom a new look.

1. Shower door – replacing the existing shower curtain and railings with clear glass or frosted glass walls and door to make your bathroom appear larger. If hinged glass door is not possible, a sliding door will do to save space.

2. Bathroom mirror – replacing the old-fashioned square mirror with a wall to wall mirror with a silvery frame to match with the glass shower, white tile walls, and the brass fittings for a clean and neat look.

3. Bathroom furniture – For a sleek and chic look, you can replace your old wooden medicine, towel rack and holder with a stainless steel cabinet. Or if you prefer a vintage feel, you can reuse your old wooden cabinet. Sandpaper it, repair any blemishes, and paint a few coats of wood primer and paint on it to give it a new look. These are just some of the ways to update your bathroom.


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