41 thoughts on Game of Thrones’ Season 6 finale

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I’m so much into Game of Thrones. Ever since my friend told me about it — she sold the fact that Sean Bean was in it and died before the first season ended (I really don’t care about spoilers) — I got curious about the show.

Medieval fantasy, politics, intrigue, and body count — this was basically what the show had. And tons of bleep words, too. But it also had a great storyline that left the audience hanging after every episode. Before I knew it, I was so hooked that I awaited each week for the latest episode… and another year for the following season.

So it’s a no-brainer that I watched S06E10 with much excitement and enthusiasm. And I was shaking afterwards. Literally. And smiling like a psycho. To tell you the truth, a lot of things went through my mind while watching the show’s season ender. And to help me move on (LOL!), I’m listing them down.

NOTE: Obviously, spoilers ahead. That’s why I had that pretty long intro. 🙂

1. Piano. Ramin Djawadi never used a piano-heavy soundtrack before. Lord, it’s so beautiful!!!

2. Cersei still in the Red Keep, everyone else in the Sept. Margaery is pretty as always (my girl crush)… and her eyes are saying something.

3. Ah, Tommen and The Mountain. Something’s going down.

4. Children going stabby-stabby. Wow, Qyburn surely had something put in those little birds’ candies.

5. Damn, Lancel, you curious cat.

6. “There’s something wrong” is surely an understatement.

7. Obviously, the High Sparrow needs to learn a thing or two about context clues.

8. But, oh well, too late.

9. #huhubels my girl crush.

10. Interestingly, my favorite episode in GoT overall was “Blackwater,” which also had wildfire. At this point that and this, “The Winds of Winter,” are tied as my favorite GoT episode.

11. That smirk, that glass of wine. Damn, Cersei.

12. So I guess everyone was in the Sept that Septa Unella was left alone. Uh oh.

13. “Shame! Shame! Shame!” OMG.

14. Cersei: not justifiable, but understandable. I mean, have you ever NOT considered tormenting your former tormentor?

15. Oh, “King’s Landing.” Wait, so Ser Pounce is officially an… orphan. 🙁

16. Am I watching Argus Filch taking over Hogwarts?

17. “Not blonde enough?” LOL @ Bronn, the only character who can get away with being that irreverent.

18. Sam is finally in his “heaven.” Poor Gilly and Little Sam are left at the… lobby?

19. Ah, Melisandre, Davos would eventually know. My heart actually breaks for him.

20. “So many enemies.” Don’t know if Jon is referring to those in Westeros or the undead behind the Wall.

21. Lady Olenna in Dorne, putting those little girls in their places. Lovely.

22. Varys in Dorne. Now that’s interesting.

23. How did Varys manage to get to Westeros from Meereen that fast?

24. Daenerys, that’s how you break up with someone?! “I don’t feel a thing.” So cold, girl.

25. Tyrion, once again a Hand, but of a queen.

26. Ooh, very Sweeney Todd, Arya. Or “Rat Cook,” in your world.

27. YES! Crossed one off her list. Beautiful.

28. So… how did Arya manage to get to Westeros from Braavos that fast?


29. “I thought you knew what I wanted.” “My love.” Eww, Littlefinger.

30. Okay, so The Wall has some magic that’s supposed to drive away wights and the likes of Benjen Stark. Interesting how the White Walkers will manage to break that wall… (of course that’s gonna happen. Sorry, Dolorous Edd.)

31. Bran again in the Tower of Joy vision. So he sees his dad and aunt Lyanna, and a baby boy. Now fans are rejoicing because the theory (or at least a part of it; the father has not been confirmed) is right. My question now is: does Bran have any idea who the baby is?

32. That cut scene confirms the baby is Jon, but Bran doesn’t know that (I think).

33. Shade! Shade! Shade! Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island is so amazing. Slay! Slay! Slay!

34. I won’t be surprised if she had a teeny weeny crush on Jon Snow.

35. Jaime knows something’s gone down. Along that went his son.

36. Cersei with a crown. That look between her and Jaime. Valonqar! Valonqar!

37. Dany and crew sailing, with Yara and Theon’s ships, plus the Unsullied and Dothraki. What an army.

38. How the heck did Varys get back to Meereen from Dorne so fast?!

39. Dragons! Dragons going to Westeros!

40. For now, my watch has ended. Can’t wait for next year.

BONUS: 41. GoT entered “Battle of the Bastards” for the Emmys. I think, though, that overall, “The Winds of Winter” trumps it, even all the episodes including my favorite, “Blackwater.” But maybe S06E09 is a better entry because the Emmys judge the shows based on the submitted episodes. “BoB” is good as a stand-alone because it only focused (or majority of the episode did) on the battle itself, which had spectacular camera shots and acting.

“Winds…” was amazing, although one would need a background on the events that happened prior to the episode to understand the things set in motion by the (remaining) power players. Like “Blackwater,” the writing was superb. It didn’t just focus on the action, but also on the psyche of the characters. And that’s why I put this on top of my list. Actually, looking back, “Winds…” is now my favorite episode overall on GoT.

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