5 Things I Learned After Watching Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)

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Hubby, the kids, and I are big fans of Disney animated movies. So when Ralph Breaks the Internet opened in theaters, we didn’t hesistate to watch it in the cinema.

Also because we wanted to take advantage of the Kids Watch Free promo of SM Cinemas, hehe!

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Ralph Breaks the Internet happens 6 years after the ending of Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph has accepted his role as villain in his game “Fix It Felix, Jr.” and as best-est friend of Vanellope von Schweetz, the main character of the Sugar Rush game. Vanellope, on the other hand, has gotten used to her game — so used to it that she’s gotten bored and now yearning for more.

When circumstances had Sugar Rush unplugged, Ralph and Vanellope had to go to the Internet via Mr. Litwak’s new Wi-Fi connection to find a solution. What happens is a roller-coaster of an adventure, leading to unexpected results for both characters.

Overall, I liked the movie. It’s a fitting sequel to Wreck-It filled with laughs, lots of Easter eggs, and lessons even for adults like me and hubby. Some of the nuggets I picked up are the following:


1. So this is how the Internet works. Haha! Well, not really, but I liked how they presented the inner workings of the Internet in a very visual way. From the Wi-Fi router to how people search and how pop-ups are freakingly annoying — yeah, the movie shows that very well. Real funny, too.

2. Small insecurities can have huge effects. Just as in Wreck-It Ralph, it’s Ralph’s insecurities that somehow “broke” the Internet. He was so afraid of losing his best friend to a new character, Shank, whom Vanellope felt a connection with that he got a virus from the Dark Web just to keep Sugar Rush’s princess. But eventually, the virus detects Ralph’s insecurities that it spread it, causing the whole Internet to crash.

It’s the same in the real world, insecurities can have a negative effect not just on you. If remained unchecked, it can hurt others as well. That’s why I liked it when Ralph realizes how mean and selfish he was, and that he resolved to do away with his insecurities.

3. Friends don’t have to limit each other. As Shank said, “there’s no rule that says friends have to have the same dreams.” And it’s true. Just because this person is your friend, you have to like or do the same things, and have the same goals. Or just stick to one clique. You can be best friends with a person but also do your passion with other people.

4. Sometimes you just have to let the person go. After Ralph comes to terms with his fears and Vanellope finally finding what she wants to do, they go their separate ways. Okay, I must admit, there were a lot of tears streaming down my face during this scene. It can hurt when best friends have to be apart, but it doesn’t mean losing connection with each other. Good thing there’s technology to keep Ralph and Vanellope close even when they’re literally worlds away.

5. So that’s why it’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Because he does, in a way, with his multipled insecurities. But again, just like in the first movie, he eventually manages to fix things, even if he is still — and always — a wrecker.

And that “stare at ‘important’ water and break into song” part was funny and awesome at the same time. Also proves that Vanellope IS a Disney princess. (You next, Leia Organa!)

Also: Stan Lee has a cameo here!

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a must-watch for kids of all ages. Catch it when you can!

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