A false alarm?

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I don’t know if the feeling is premature. But I’m so anxious… I don’t know why, maybe I’m just expecting to be “expecting.”

I’m feeling kind of different these past few days. I can say it’s because of my hormones (because it’s that time of the month), but finding this pregnancy calendar on this website made me think that it may be more than just hormones.

It’s interesting the website includes information of a woman’s pregnancy per week: how the embryo looks like and how the mom’s body reacts. Somehow, I can associate with the symptoms in Week 2 already, though I’m still not sure if it’s just because I drink to much water that I often go to the comfort room… come to think of it, those symptoms also happen to me when I’m nearing my monthly period. So I don’t know…

I bought a home kit a few days ago and I’m thinking of using it later. Oh well, I’m crossing my fingers. If it’s a false alarm, we can try again, but if it’s positive, then we have nine months to prepare.

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