A “Happy Tuesday”

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Talk about surprises.

Yesterday, hubby and I met at the mall to grab dinner before going home. I would usually get off work earlier than he does, so most of the time I’d end up waiting for him while playing with my DS Lite.

Not much difference last night, except for when he approached me, kissed me, and then gave me a pack of Meiji Black Chocolate.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said.

I thought I was missing something, an important date. But it wasn’t our monthsary or any significant date.

Wala lang, happy Tuesday,” was what he told me. And it was really a happy Tuesday. Just because of a small thing like that.

I remember a card we received on our wedding. Written on it were a few tips for a lasting relationship. One entry there says that we should enjoy the small things. It’s not about big gifts or expensive whatever, but most of the time it’s those little acts that make you smile inside and out.

And that’s coming from someone who likes to bother about the little things. 🙂


  1. Lenggai

    deym domps, deym!!!

    i still have my gift at home. 🙁

    13 years ago
  2. moonchild117

    uy A! oks lang yan… pag nagkita na lang tayo, which is possible na kasi normal hours na trabaho ko. 😛

    13 years ago

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