A visit to the Housing Fair

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Hubby and I decided to drop by the Housing Fair over at the Megatrade Hall at SM Megamall yesterday. We wanted to canvass a house that we could call “ours.”

Apparently, all the houses available were either at Bulacan, Cavite or Laguna. A handful others were in Antipolo.

It’s getting farther and farther as time goes by. Who could blame them? Cost of land here in Metro Manila is up on the roof already. The next thing to do was go to the neighboring “provinces.”

I remembered my mom’s story. Back then, when they used to live in Manila (near College of the Holy Spirit), Pasig was already a far-flung area for her. She’d even get sick and vomit during the trip. Lo and behold, when my dad bought a house, it was in the far-flung area of Pasig. The house was payable through Pag-Ibig and cost cheaper than those in the Quezon City area. I remember being surrounded by a river, barren land, some banana trees, and the old Mariwasa tile factory. In short, it felt like we weren’t living in the city at all back then. Now it’s already a congested area, with tons of houses and churches and condominiums. Not to mention really bad traffic. And my parents? After almost 30 years, they’re still there in our little bungalow in a relatively quiet subdivision in Pasig.

I thought, maybe a few years from now Bulacan, Cavite and Laguna won’t be that far. Antipolo isn’t that much of a drive anymore these days. The only problem would be looking for a middle ground for both our parents who are living in Pasig and Caloocan.

But Marikina lots were already sold…

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