Actions speak louder than words

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Sorry for the very unrelated, weird post. I just had to write about it…

I just find it weird that some people would act funny around me because they want to “hide” something from me. Something that is so obvious when you look at their body language.

We’ve known each other for quite sometime now and see each other everyday. Until now that person cannot engage a light conversation with me, moreso look at me in the eye when we pass by each other.

That person, as I see it, is a very jolly, fun-loving, bubbly person. I have nothing against this particular subject of my blog entry.

I feel this person wants to approach me, but doesn’t know how.

Because that person knows I know something, even if no one is telling me. And, I think, that person is afraid if I know what everyone already knows.

Unfortunately, I know what everyone knows, even from Day 1. I wonder why they are keeping it from me. Are they afraid of how I would react?

Geez, if I could only tell them… I don’t care, not one bit! If you’re happy, then stick to it. Pretenses will just cause you pain.

And it has already. I know, I saw. Even if no one told me.

You know the saying, action speaks louder than words.

In this case, it was screaming.


My apologies for the cryptic entry. I can’t promise you that this will be the last of them, but hopefully you can bear with me.

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