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I met someone online who’s also into ciao. She left me a message, saying that i may be busy ciao-ing and not blogging.

Hehe, that’s a bit true. It’s been how many days since I’ve entered my last blog entry. And the two previous entries are also about ciao.

I’m turning into an addict.

Or maybe there is the lack of things to say. Other than Doc Manhattan’s schlong is a topic of discussion between me and my office seatmate… but does that matter?

And oh yeah, baby’s kicking more often. The baby book says that by around this week, there will be “vigorous movements followed by periods of quiet” that will be felt. Yep, baby seems to be enjoying kicking and screaming inside. Well, probably not screaming…

So anyways, what else is there to talk about?

Maybe I’ll get back to ciao and reply to those friend requests first.

Hrm, I’m turning into a ciao addict indeed.

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