An interesting commute

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What do you get when you have an ex-government employee, a current government employee, a foreigner, and 7 middle-class working Pinoys in one UV Express FX caught in hellish metro traffic?

An interesting ride.

This was exactly what happened Monday afternoon.

I didn’t think that I’ll still remember today what transpired that day.

5 PM, I was on the way home. Went to Valero where I usually ride an FX to our place. Normally, I’d find people falling in line on the sidewalk, but that day, commuters got confused because the Makati traffic enforcers (MAPA or MAPSA, I forget) weren’t allowing FXs to get passengers on that spot where we usually fell in line. Good thing, though, that there weren’t a lot of people then (the rain made them stay inside their offices, I guess) so I, along with 9 others, got to board the next FX that came our way.

Once we were moving (or not, depending on the traffic), the driver was lamenting the fact that the MAPA/MAPSA weren’t allowing them to flash their signboards to commuters. Ex-government employee, a hefty man of 50s or so, answered that the UV franchise was legal, and so the traffic enforcers shouldn’t stop the drivers from getting passengers in the area. Then, addressing everyone in the vehicle, ex-government employee criticized the government’s lack of empathy towards its “bosses”.

Some passengers echoed the same sentiments. Then the foreigner butts in, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but it seems to make sense.” Haha! Anyway, the passenger beside him translated the discussion, and soon he was joining in.

As we arrived Kalayaan, one passenger alighted and current government employee went in. She then gave her two cents as well, as our discussion delved on the traffic situation, current events, 2016 elections outlook, and some very interesting political chismis.

I must admit, some details were very juicy, but I don’t think I can divulge it here. 😛

The discussion went on until I reached my stop. It didn’t matter than my travel from Makati to Pasig lasted for 2 hours because of the horrendous traffic. It was quite an interesting ride nevertheless.

It’s rare that I get to have a non-boring commuting experience. This was for the books.

Hope to hop on another interesting ride soon.

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