And the baby is…

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A boy, says the Chinese calendar.

As for the ultrasound… well, I haven’t had one yet.

So if it was to be believed, the Chinese conceiving calendar is accurate. Well, that’s what my mom said because it worked for her.

See, she had two beautiful daughters already. She wanted a boy next. So she consulted the Chinese calendar as to when she should conceive so she would have a boy. Worked for her in ’84 and ’86.

This one inside me, well it wasn’t really planned. It was more of “if it comes, then we welcome it.” We weren’t like, “Oh, I want a boy/girl at this time of the year. Let’s look a the Chinese calendar published in the dailies during the Chinese New Year,” or something.

I’m scheduled for a checkup next month. I dunno if this will entail me having the ultrasound already. So we’ll have to wait a little more just to be sure whether this baby will come out as Johann Siegfried or Anna Zafina.


Just watched the movie Juno on DVD.

Story’s nice. It was the labor and birth scene that made me a bit nervous.

My officemate said it’s like you’re having dysmenorrhea multiplied by 100.

My threshold of pain isn’t that high. Now I’m shitty scared.


  1. g

    YAAYY! Congratulations! Prepare yourself for a really active mom life! lol. Serioso, Congrats…wag mo lang kakalimutan na meron ka ng isang baby boy kasi baka magselos 😀

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      well, we still have to wait for the ultrasound para official. ay oo, will not forget of the other “baby boy.” hahaha! thanks, g! 😀

      13 years ago

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