Overnight at Anson Beach Resort Batangas

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Really, I suck at doing reviews like this. Why? Because I like recording things in my mind that I forget to take photos for the purpose of blogging about it.

But anyhoo, I’ll try my best to verbalize my experience at Anson Beach Resort in Batangas.

So background: Hubby’s best friend is getting married in Batangas and hubby is the best man. Which meant he had to be in the area pretty early for the pre-wedding shoot. Since the venue the couple rented was only good enough for family, we had to look for a place nearby that’s comfortable and also affordable.

Our party of three (plus one, our friend’s friend who drove us there), all Eastsiders (of Metro Manila), decided to book Anson Beach Resort, located in Talisay, Batangas. We chose this because 1) it was a few minutes away from the wedding venue and 2) it was pretty affordable. The important thing that the place was clean, comfortable, and cheap. And the toilet and bath was good.

Locating Anson Beach Resort was a bit of a challenge. From the National Road, the signage was a bit small that it would be kinda hard to spot it when you’re not paying attention. When we found it, the sign led us to a small, rough road. Literally off the beaten path. To describe it, I’d say masukal in Tagalog. Hubby had to call the contact person to confirm if we were heading the right direction. She said yes, so we went ahead, passing a few houses and a lot of trees and bushes before we saw Anson Beach Resort’s gate on our right.

Anson Beach Resort Batangas
The signage welcomes us as we enter its gates

The surroundings was quiet when we arrived. Apparently, we were the only ones booked that day. I guess it was because it was a Friday and it wasn’t summer yet. But hey, I like that we had some peace and quiet (especially hubby and me, it was our first getaway of the year without the kids).

I think there were only 4 rooms, but they had cottages that you can rent out for day trips. From the gate, you’ll see the rooms first, then a function area (where some of the locals practiced their dance for the town fiesta), a swimming pool with kiddie pool, and a view of the Taal Lake and Volcano.

Anson Beach Resort Batangas 1
The one in the front is where we stayed at. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the inside.
Anson Beach Resort 2
I only managed to get this one shot of the pool, from the outdoor table. Pool was clean, and it had a more shallow pool for the kids.
Anson Beach Resort 3
One of the cottages you can book for day trips, located near the pool
Anson Beach Resort Batangas 4
These are the cottages near the fence facing the lake

A caveat: there is no beach (even if there’s “Beach” in the name). And that part of Taal Lake isn’t made for swimming. But it’s great for sunset-watching. 🙂

Anson Beach Resort Batangas 6
Look a bit to the right and you’ll see Taal Volcano. The bigger one, not the small one, hehe!

Our room had a queen bed and sofa, plus a mattress with pillow and blanket for the 3rd person. There’s cable TV, but only with local channels. But hey, you’re on vacation, why spend it indoors, right?

Bath had a toilet and shower. No heater, but the water from the shower was kinda warm. Not bad.

And yeah, they have free Wi-Fi access. 🙂

Anson Beach Resort doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, but they have paluto. They have menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You just have to tell them in advance what you want so they can have it prepared and delivered to the resort. We ordered dinner 2 hours in advance and placed our breakfast orders the night before.

Anson Beach Resort Batangas 7
Dinner time!

The staff was very nice. We arrived at the resort a bit too early for 2 PM (their official check-in time), but they welcomed us and gave us the keys to the room almost immediately. On the day of the check-out, the staff allowed us to linger a bit. Well, that was also because our friends were checking in the day we were checking out, haha! They were also booked in the same room, so we just took out our bags and had the staff clean the room. And they were also the only ones checked in that day.

Price-wise, Anson Beach Resort is in the budget-friendly category. Our room cost only Php 2,500, already good for 3 persons. We spent about Php 500 for our group dinner and about Php 400 for breakfast. Everything was great, actually. And the weather cooperated, too, so we had a pretty good time.

So will I recommend Anson Beach Resort? I definitely would to backpackers and groups who like an affordable, no-frills accommodation. Those expecting 4- or 5-star amenities might want to look elsewhere. But if you’re fine with the basics, then include Anson Beach Resort in your list of choices for Batangas accommodation.

You can find Anson Beach Resort in Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ansonresort. For faster transactions, contact 0917-5050863.

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