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I got my first-ever invite to a blogger event and I thought that this is one I should not miss. First, because it’s the first time I’m ever going to an event that also caters to bloggers and second, because the product being launched is one that’s close to my heart: baby food.

And so despite the bad weather and the bangelya feeling I was having, I set off to The Fort from work to see the Oh, Baby! All Natural Baby Food press conference.

For a noob blogger event attendee, the occasion was a great experience. Co-bloggers and members of the press were treated to scrumptious entrees (and wine) from Je Suis Gourmand prior to a few games. After which, the program proper started, hosted by no less than Nancy Castiglione.

As I’ve learned in the presscon, Oh, Baby! All Natural Baby Food was created by mommy chefs Rebecca Disini-Gomez and Tina Trillana-Lagdameo. When their babies were old enough to eat solids, they wanted to give them fresh, all natural food. Both moms, however, couldn’t find the best products to give their babies in the supermarkets, so they decided to use their culinary expertise to concoct the Oh, Baby! food line.

The products consists of jarred food, teething biscuits, and the Grow and Go Cookies. They have Stage 1 (6-9 months) and Stage 2 (9-12 months and onwards) food, great for babies who are just beginning to eat solids.

What’s great about the Oh, Baby! products are that they’re made from real fruits and vegetables, and without preservatives. As mommy chef Rebecca told us bloggers, the shelf life of their jarred products, when unopened, will last for about a month. Once opened, they’ll have to be stored in the refrigerator and consumed in 2 days.

I’m pretty sure my daughter would like it. Guests at the press launch had a sample of the Oh, Baby! products — they were key ingredients in the entrees served earlier! Prior to that, the mommy chefs had their own taste testers: their kids. And if they like it, I’m sure all the kids will, too.

After introducing the selections, we had a game called the Oh, Baby! Barista Challenge. Here, guests were asked to create their own dishes using selected ingredients (pasta, bread, vegetables, coconut, bacon) and the Oh, Baby! jarred products. The creations were judged by no less than Je Suis Gourmand’s Chef Marc.

Well, our group’s “Veggie-licious” didn’t win. But at least he gave a positive comment. Hehehe!

The event was really cool. And enlightening, too, especially for a mom like me. Sometimes, because we’re busy, we tend to give our kids just whatever we can find in the supermarket without looking at the nutritional contents or lack thereof. At least now, I know there’s Oh, Baby! All Natural Baby Food that’s fresh, healthy, and perfect for fulfilling the nutritional needs of my baby. They still don’t have a store near our place (I live in Pasig), but according to mommy chef Tina, they’re eyeing Ortigas as one of the selling points of their products. As of the moment, orders are made by calling or emailing 3 days in advance, and the items will be picked up at selected points in Makati, Alabang, and The Fort.

Here are some photos of the Oh, Baby! All Natural Baby Food. The jars cost Php70.00, the biscuit and cookies are at Php90.00:

Want to know more about Oh, Baby! All Natural Baby Food? Check out their official website.

Thanks to Angelique and Geia of Mediacom for the invitation, and hello to fellow bloggers Jane, Tricia, Azrael and Lace, and Pehpot whom I met at the event.

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