Attending the Starbucks “However You Want It” blogger event

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First off, thanks to my friend Michicoo for this one. Nice surprise. 🙂

After work yesterday, I went to Starbucks Drive-Thru at The Fort (what branch is it?) to attend their blogger event wherein they launched the “However You Want It” Frappuccino Blended Beverage — or simply the personalized frap. At first, I thought that since Starbucks opened their stores here, the coffee concoctions can be personalized to taste (no whip, additional espresso shot) but Pinoys are just lazy to think of that and instead order what’s just written on the menu board (sorry for being mean — heck, I don’t even give a damn about getting non-fat milk). What I didn’t know is that before, their coffees were pre-mixed. So this event marked the start of how customers can, er, customize their frappuccino drinks.

You can customize your order in many different ways: opting for non-fat or soy milk instead of regular, getting a shot of the Frappuccino Roast, doing away with the whipped cream, adding more syrup or drizzle — it can actually go on and on.

What’s fun about the event is that we were taught how to write orders of customized frap drinks. The attendees (me included) scribbled down our fave drink and how we want to personalize it on the shirts we got. I chose White Chocolate Mocha (well, Java Chip came close) plus an extra espresso shot. So it appears like this:

Forgot to write the size... it should come before "White Chocolate Mocha.".

After which, we were made to become baristas for a day (or for this session, at least). They gave us a cap and an apron, and after they taught us how to make a frap, we were asked to make our fave fraps one by one.

My favorite Starbucks frap, minus the espresso shot.

Of course, the event wasn’t complete without food. They gave each of us a plate that held samples of the 6 new food items from Starbucks.

With my half-full frap are Mango Peach Cream Pie, Tiramisu Cheesecake, Coffee Brownie, Five Cheese Turnover, Chicken Galantina and Fontina Cheese on Pandesal, and Chicken Buffalo Bleu.

My favorites from the 6 are the Five Cheese Turnover (savory) and the Mango Peach Cream Pie (sweet). But all are really delicious.

Of course, we also got to take home awesome Starbucks freebies. And I liked the way they tied up the freebies with their launch, with our names on each of our tumblers. Cute!

And so even if I had a not-so-great day yesterday and with my camera failing me, the event lifted my spirits (and my caffeine levels, too).

Can’t wait to create another personalized Starbucks frap. 🙂


  1. u8mypinkcookies

    I love STARBUCKS!!! 😀

    11 years ago
  2. Filipina Desire

    Wow I think you did a great job making your own fave frap!..and the new food items looks tasty…can’t wait to drop by starbucks after my busy work day 🙂

    11 years ago

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