Baby names, again

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Here we go again, thinking of baby names.

Last Saturday, we went to my OB-Gyne for the routine check-up. I’m nearing my 6th month of pregnancy, so there’s a possibility that we could be learning about the baby’s gender that day. Unfortunately, the little one seemed quite shy — the doctor wasn’t able to see if it’s a boy or a girl. She said we could try again after a month.

I want a boy (so does my daughter), hubby isn’t too picky. Anyhoo, what’s important is that he/she will be healthy.

But for now, hubby and I have been coming up with name combos while waiting to discover the baby’s gender. Of course, we’ll be keeping up with our “tradition” of some-kinda-geeky, owing to the fact that hubby is a gamer/geek. (See: my eldest’s name is Anna Zafina, her second name taken from the game Tekken. Hubby insisted on it.) So here’s what we’ve come up with:

If it were a boy, he’ll be named Luke Altair. Luke means “bringer of light” in Latin. While sounding common, hubby actually took that from Star Wars. Wow, I can just imagine all the memes I can come up with when he’s born (toingks!). Altair, on the other hand, is a character from one of hubby’s favorite games, Assassin’s Creed. The name is Arabic for “flying eagle”.

If it were a girl, she’ll be named Ayla Maria. Ayla was taken from Star Wars as well, from the character of Aayla Secura, who’s a Jedi. We’ll probably be dropping the other “a” in the name so that it’s not that unusual to spell. Also, we found a name “Ayla” in one of the baby name books we were browsing; it means “oak tree” in Hebrew.

To go with Ayla, we decided on Maria, after Mama Mary. We thought that either name combos should have something like a Christian name (I remembered during my parents’ time, babies had to have a Christian name to be baptized — does this still apply today?). Maria is Hebrew for “wished-for child”, but it also means “bitter” in some European languages like French and German. Hmm… but it still sounds pretty, right?

Can’t wait to know which name we’ll be using. 🙂

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