Back to normal?

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After a month of staying with my in-laws in Novaliches, hubby, Zee, and I are back in Pasig.

I got to see my parents’ house, which was greatly affected by typhoon Ondoy. The walls and ceilings were already fixed. The master’s bedroom has been arranged to accommodate Zee during weekdays while we’re at work. No more puddles of water on the street, no filthy smell of mud and flood. Basically everything is almost back to normal.


It was kinda weird being back at our apartment (which is just minutes away from my parents’ home). I can sleep on the bed more comfortably. I can leave for work when the sun is already up and still come on time. I won’t have to be picky about buses when riding to work. And no more morning videos on board, like Unang Hirit or movies like Speed (no sh-t, there’s a bomb on the bus!).

I’m adjusting to getting back on my old habits.

Oh well, things aren’t normal yet, but they will be. Soon.

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