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… of blogging, that is.

Thanks to everyone who left warm greetings on my previous entry. I had no time to reply as my hands were full for the past months. Zee’s currently keeping me and hubby on graveyard shift.

Hays, I hope she’s not giving her grandparents head and back aches.


I’m back at work, too, and I’ve noticed there hasn’t been much of a change, except for some old faces gone and new faces coming in.

Wow, it feels like it’s my first day at work again.


I realized I missed a lot of things after I gave birth. I didn’t get to catch HP and GI Joe on the big screen. And it seems like I’ll be missing Up as well. I just couldn’t imagine me watching in the cinema while Zee’s at home.

Ganito pala ang maging mommy. You put her above everything. Even the shopping list’s been modified to prioritize everything that she needs.

Well, except that hubby has his Transformers “collection” on equal footing, it seems…


Went to check out emails again after a long while. Lo and behold, I got a PayPal alert saying that I received payment from Ciao just last month.

Found it odd, considering that they blocked my account months ago because I came from a “banned region”.

Does that mean my reviews are still being viewed? Hmm, such a mystery.


  1. Janelle

    welcome back! good to know you’re still blogging despite being a busy new mom…

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      I have to… it’s my only release. Thanks for dropping by, sis.

      12 years ago
  2. jenie=)

    done linking you too=) thanks. hope you can visit my other blogs as well

    BTW, what’s Ciao?

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Hi sis! Ciao is a site where you can create and read reviews, as well as comment on others’. Dati kasi I was an active member there, until they banned some countries where they feel have revenge raters and plagiarists, nasama ang Philippines doon. Medyo unfair nga e because I write my own stuff and so do the others I know.

      Will check out your other blogs, too. Thanks for dropping by again!

      12 years ago

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