Memorya at Resistensyang MaluFIT with Bio-Fit

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It’s been a year in the “new normal” and a lot of our daily habits have changed since. Especially with our kids — when before, they’d go to school on weekdays and chill afterwards, now all their study time is spent at home. It can get a bit stressful for them, considering there’s no line dividing study time and leisure time since everything is done in just one place.

I would know because I’ve seen my kids struggle with it. Homeschooling was something new to them. While at first they seemed okay with it, I noticed that they had a bit of a challenge maintaining focus in the lessons. They would have a hard time memorizing information and sometimes succumb to stress. And as we know, stress compromises the immune system. And so our kids become vulnerable to fatigue and sickness.

As parents, we don’t want that, right?

Memorya at Resistensyang MaluFIT sa Batang Bio-Fit

That’s why it’s a good thing we have Bio-Fit Plus Kids Supplement at home. It contains vitamins and minerals that offer the best health benefits for children.

Bio-Fit Plus has the following:

  • Folic Acid and other B-Vitamins for further brain development, to help enhance child’s memory so they can go about their day-to-day activities and online homeschooling
  • Vitamin C and Zinc combination that helps boost their immune system most especially during these times
  • Vitamin A for good eyesight
  • Vitamin D for strong bones
  • Vitamin E that serves as a powerful antioxidant
  • Taurine for healthy heart
  • Lysine for better appetite
  • Chlorella Growth Factor for maximum growth potential

With all these vitamins and minerals working together, parents can be assured they give Memorya at Resistensyang MaluFIT sa Batang Bio-Fit.

That’s why we always have Bio-Fit Plus at home. Because I want my children to be at their best form, whether homeschooling or just going about their everyday activities. With Bio-Fit, I can be sure my kids stay healthy and always ready to face the challenges of the new normal.

Check out Bio-Fit Plus Kids Supplement on Facebook. You can purchase it at Mercury Drug and Generics Pharmacy, or online at their official Lazada store.

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