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Basically that’s me. And my brain. And my blog.

Lately, I don’t have the strength to write. Probably because my work is taking most of my time. And the fact that I have no internet connection at the place I’m staying at. For now.

I thought moving to Ortigas for work would be better, in terms of travel time. Well, since I leave for work later than before (because I have to take eldest to school), commuting’s been a bummer. Both coming to work and going home. Well, what do I expect of Pasig City?

In the morning, I have to prep my kids for school — cook their baon and bathe Bunso — before I can prep myself for work. Upon going home, I’d have to help them with homework, wash dishes and stuff, and put them to bed.

It’s not easy. And I guess it took a toll on my blogging life.

Well, hopefully, something good comes up and I get to blog more, just like how I used to. I really want to get back on track. I hope I can.

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