Blog Redesign: Should I or Should I Not?

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating on doing a blog redesign. Not that I dislike its current look. I just feel that the theme I’m using has some limits that I wanna do away with.

The current theme, which I found while browsing some premium WordPress theme, looks good. And it’s been the theme since I went dot-com or self-hosted. But there are certain limitations, especially on making alterations in the HTML. And I want to get past that.

Emailed the theme creator about something that I wanted to do with the theme but got no response from its support.

So the only way to do so, I guess, is to pick another theme. There’s one that I saw on a friend’s blog, well similar to it, and it’s free. I thought, why not get it?

I’ve installed that particular theme in the backend but I haven’t gotten into activating it yet. I worry that my blog redesign will affect my traffic. Which I do hope will not happen.

So what do you think? Should I go change it? Or should I cancel the blog redesign?

No idea what the pros and cons of changing the look of my blog, but I sure hope that when I do, you guys would like it.

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