Blog Redesign: Hassles and Wins

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So yeah, I pushed through with the blog redesign. And had some trouble with it.

I should have monitored my site while changing the theme.

The first theme looked okay over the weekend, on my home laptop. Today, when I logged in, and in another device, it looked like it hasn’t finished loading.

I sense some bugs.

So I immediately changed it. Again.

So that’s why it looks this way now.


Reason for changing the blog theme is that I wanted to connect my Adsense with it.

The old theme didn’t allow me editing the HTML, which was essential to connecting my Adsense account to the blog.

A friend of mine got a theme from the maker of this theme. She was able to put Adsense ads on her blog. So now I’m hoping that this works.

Why the need for Adsense? Well, I’m trying to monetize this blog via ads. Even if my SEO friend says that Adsense doesn’t pay as big as it did before, maybe I can still earn from it.

I just hope I did things right. Am waiting for a notification that the code’s okay.


I kinda miss my site’s old look. I spent quite a time tweaking its look and making it as it was.

But, well, I just hope this blog redesign was worth it.

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