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Taking time out just to say hello and my apologies for not being able to write anything for days now. I had an on-and-off fever since Thursday last week coupled with nasty colds and cough. Everything’s a bit better now. My back just aches. I think I need a masseuse. I feel a sort of lamig there on the upper left part of my back, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I just learned from hubby last weekend that he started his own blog. Which actually surprised me a bit because he’s more of the artist than the writer. And more of a talker than a writer, too. Of course, his blog revolves around his world — and that would mean games, toys, and movies, no doubt about that. He’s started to post 2 entries now, and that would add up depending on 1) if he gets to watch a kick-ass movie, 2) if he finishes another game in his PS-whatever, 3) if he learns about any new toy launch, or 4) if he buys a kick-ass toy (which would be only happen in very rare occasions, hehe!).

If you guys want to take a look, drop by Dreaming Awake. You can also follow him, if you want. 🙂


  1. Mayet

    hi! I hope you’re feeling better now!! take care.

    11 years ago

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