BrainFit Studio Philippines: Giving children the learning advantage with fit brains

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During my experience at the recent Blogapalooza, my friend I had a chance to drop by at the booth of BrainFit Studio Philippines. We instantly got interested with BrainFit because we’re moms of kids aged 10 and below, and what BrainFit offers can supplement our kids’ educational needs.

BrainFit Studio Philippines
BrainFit Studio Philippines

BrainFit’s mission is to accelerate the child’s learning through brain fitness. This is done via its programs that enhances the child’s learning capacity by addressing various areas. BrainFit focuses on building each of the child’s Brain Pillars, namely (1) sensory motor coordination, (2) auditory and language processing, (3) visual and spatial processing, (4) attention and memory, and (5) social-emotional self-regulation. These comprise the key cognitive abilities that form the foundations for learning. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of these 5 Pillars help understand your child’s brain health.

So how does BrainFit therefore address your child’s learning needs based on these 5 Brain Pillars? Through its programs that are run according to the SMART Protocol:

  • Set personal objectives by understanding the child’s needs and setting desired outcomes with the parents;
  • Measure with CognitiveMAP, a profiling tool that tells which brain fitness program meets the child’s needs;
  • Adapt activities to abilities, at the same time monitor progress and adjust the cognitive exercises accordingly throughout the duration of the program;
  • Re-wire through focused practice, as training frequency and intensity are vital for maximum results; and
  • Transform brain for total performance, helping the child learn better, think faster, focus longer, and remember more, and at the same time re-evaluating him or her to measure gains.

The SMART Programs, which are based on key neuroscientific principles, are as follows:

  • SMART Moves – to strengthen the Sensory-Motor Brain Pillar
  • SMART Listening – targets rapid improvements in listening and language skills
  • SMART Vision – uses proven and personalized gym-based programs and table-top visual activities to improve the Visual Brain Pillar
  • SMART Focus – retrains the brain to think more clearly and attentively, and with razor-sharp focus
  • SMART Emotions – includes activities that help children regulate their feelings, develop social and relational skills, and build a confident outlook in life

BrainFit has programs for children aged 4 to 18, but according to their website at, they also have Baby Programs for toddlers (from 3 months to 3 years old).

Free trial classes are given at BrainFit’s stand-alone studios located in Greenhills (call 725-8500 or 0917-5991992) and Binondo (call 554-0381 or 0917-7761689). BrainFit also has in-school studios at Makati (at Playworks, formerly Toddlers Teachers, in Salcedo Village) and BGC (Active Fun). For more information on BrainFit Studio, visit their website at or check out their Facebook page, BrainFit Studio Philippines.

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