Carsoncrest International School: Encouraging Playful Serious Learning

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As a parent, I acquaint myself with different possible schools and educational teaching methods for children. I want to have a good gauge on what type of teaching would be ideal for kids’ development. Admittedly, I’ve seen traditional, Montessori, and progressive types, but not exactly international (even if my sister works for an international school). So when Carsoncrest International School invited me to their open house, I attended — and even brought the kids.

Carsoncrest International School Makati City


Located in Kamagong Street in Makati, Carsoncrest is a new school for toddlers and pre-kinder kids. It utilizes the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) that focuses on creative learning. Themes are used as teaching methods instead of separate subjects, yet encompassing the important learning areas: language, socio-emotional skills, numeracy, creative and visual arts, science, and fine gross and motor skills.

IPC focuses on giving developmentally appropriate education that has clearly defined objectives to discern students’ progress. And because IPC utilizes role-playing and hands-on learning, kids learn concepts, fundamentals, and skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Carsoncrest International School - Mission and Vision
The school’s vision and mission

Carsoncrest International School has an open classroom to allow kids to interact and explore. They also have a play area and lots of toys that not only entertain them but also develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Carsoncrest International School - open classroom
The colorful and expansive open classroom
Carsoncrest Preschool Makati - play area
The play area
Carsoncrest Makati - play area
The kiddos seemed to enjoy playing here

I think what sets Carsoncrest apart from other pre-kinder centers or preschools is its IPC method. All its teachers are IPC-trained so you can guarantee that they follow international standards like that of preschools in the US and Australia.

The school is very high-tech, too. They have CCTV cameras that let parents view the goings-on inside the classroom via their mobile phones.

And it has a tie-up with a nearby hospital in case of emergencies AND offers accident insurance coverage for each student! I know of schools offering CCTV access. But it’s the first time I’ve heard of a school offering insurance for its students. That’s coverage for whatever happens in or out of school! Wow!

Carsoncrest Preschool in Makati
Some of the things you can expect when you enroll your child at Carsoncrest International School

Carsoncrest International School seems like a promising school. It’s currently open for toddlers and pre-kinder (2 to 4 years old). But they plan to run a kinder program next year and add more levels up until senior high school. That way the kids won’t have to find another school to transition.

Carsoncrest International School Makati - sample class
The kids were treated to a sample class.
Carsoncrest International School in Makati
Arts and crafts galore! They made cow puppets during the sample class, too.

Unfortunately for me (and my kids) the school is quite far from our place. But for those living in Makati or Manila, in the Chino Roces area, you may want to check this out.

Carsoncrest International School is at the ground floor of 9707 Kamagong Street, San Antonio, Makati City. For more details, call +632 903 2602 or + 63915 331 7392. You may also email them at or visit

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