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Petsa De Peligro Hacks (How to Save When It Isn’t Payday Yet): Rewards Card

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Cover photo by Blake Wisz on UnsplashSince I’ve become a mom, I’ve been finding ways on getting to save during shopping. Yes, I’m a fan of sales and discounts. I love scoring clothes in tiangges and shops (once, in Glorietta, I was able to buy good-quality cullotes for Php150; Landmark was also my friend, hehe). In supermarkets, I’d be price-conscious and choose food…

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Why I Chose to Open a Sun Life Money Market Fund for Php500

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Last week, I saw a post from a friend and former classmate of mine who works as a Sun Life financial advisor. She said that you can open a Money Market Fund (mutual fund) at Sun Life for just Php 500 during this month of September. I got curious because I’ve been hearing and reading about mutual funds lately and it seems that this investment is good. Sun Life is a reputable insurance company so I think whatever I put here will be in good hands.