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Tips for Millennials Planning to Buy a House for the First Time

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People used to think that most millennials are struggling financially and they have very little knowledge on financial literacy. Most people also think that they would never buy homes and they would prefer renting because of the convenience it gives. But millennials are realizing the benefits of investing in a house and lot. In fact in 2020, experts had reported that the millennials are projected to buy the most houses…

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Why I Chose to Open a Sun Life Money Market Fund for Php500

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Last week, I saw a post from a friend and former classmate of mine who works as a Sun Life financial advisor. She said that you can open a Money Market Fund (mutual fund) at Sun Life for just Php 500 during this month of September. I got curious because I’ve been hearing and reading about mutual funds lately and it seems that this investment is good. Sun Life is a reputable insurance company so I think whatever I put here will be in good hands.