Choosing the Right Bike for Your Rides

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We have come across many articles telling us that cycling is good for our overall health and one of the best way to keep fit. Most of us have been living a sedentary lifestyle and we all know that we need to exercise to stay fit and healthy. There are many types of exercise but we have to choose the one which is suitable for our age and our health condition.

How about a stationary exercise bike machine? Cycling is good but indoor cycling on a stationary exercise bike can be boring and after a while the expensive machine will be left untouched and becomes a white elephant. Outdoor cycling can be fun and interesting as you can enjoy the changing view and the fresh air as you cycle. You can just hop onto the bicycle and take a ride to the store, around your neighbourhood or around the park. You can cycle alone or invite someone to cycle along with you.

Men's Bikes

If you do not have a bike, there are many choices out there in the market. If this is going to be your first bike, you will have to decide what type of rides you will be taking, etc. to help you choose the right type of men’s bikes for yourself. There are many bike speeds and types of bike for different uses such as road or commuter bike, mountain bike, cruiser bike, etc. A road bike will not be suitable to go on a mountain ride or on the beach.

A road bike has smooth, narrow tires and “drop” handlebars and is designed to be ridden fast on smooth paved trails and pavement. It can also be used for on the road racing. It is much lighter than other types of bicycles. It is not comfortable and not stable for unpaved trails. It is also not capable for carrying heavy loads.

Cruiser Bike

A cruiser bike is designed for casual riding. It has a comfortable, upright riding position, and has a large, comfortable seat. It has wide tires and handlebars that are upright. Most men’s cruiser bikes are single speed or 3 speed, and are usually fitted with old fashioned coaster brake. A cruise bike can be used for short-distance commuting and for running of errands on flat pavements.

A hybrid bike has the advantages of both the road bike and the mountain bike. It has a large, padded seat and upright handlebars to provide a comfortable riding position. It is best for casual riding, short-distance commuting and running of errands around town or a cruise around the neighbourhood. It is not as lightweight as the road bike and is ideal for paved or unpaved bike trails but not appropriate for tough off-road mountain bike trails. Most hybrid bikes have front suspension to soften the small bumps.


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