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When I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with soda floats and affogato (coffee-ice cream fusion).  These beverages (I consider them drinks) give a different layer to ice cream. That’s why when I heard news that select Starbucks Reserve® branches in the Philippines has its version of coffee and ice cream pairing, I got excited.

See, coffee and ice cream are pretty much opposites: coffee is warm and comforting, ice cream is cool and indulgent. But their combination? Definitely nothing short of wonderful.

Take a look at the coffee and ice cream pairing variants available:

Starbucks Reserve® Classic Affogato
The Classic Affogato

First is the Classic Affogato, Starbucks’ take on the famous Italian staple dessert. It’s basically 2 shots of Reserve® espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. Pouring the hot espresso over the cold ice cream not only offers a rich creaminess at first taste but also exposes the nuanced flavors unique to each espresso.

Starbucks Reserve® House Affogato
The House Affogato

Meanwhile, the House Affogato is the sweeter and more indulgent version of the Classic Affogato. This dessert includes a drizzle of caramelly Demerara syrup and a dusting of cinnamon to add a bit of aroma and spice.

Starbucks Reserve® Cold Brew Float
The Cold Brew Float

For afternoon perk-me-up, grab the Cold Brew Float: cold brew topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Or choose the Nitro Cold Brew Float, made with nitrogen-infused cold brew that gives a creamier finish.

Starbucks Reserve® Nitro Cold Brew Float
The Nitro Cold Brew Float

Looking for something similar to a milkshake but with a coffee twist? Check out the Cold Brew Malt. Cold brew coffee, vanilla ice cream, and malted milk make up this ultra-creamy drink with a kick.

Starbucks Reserve® Cold Brew Malt
The Cold Brew Malt

Fair warning, though: these coffee and ice cream pairing beverages are only available at Starbucks Reserve® in Westgate Muntinlupa in Alabang and Three E-com in Pasay. Okay, to be honest, I really want to have a taste of these but they’re so far away! Huhu! Hoping that Starbucks considers offering these in other Reserve® stores. Like, maybe in Valero? Hehehe! 😀

Anyway, grab these indulgent treats today! Visit the aforementioned Starbucks Reserve® branches for your dose of coffee and ice cream.


  1. Miss Muse

    Hi there, its good thing you featured this Affogatos of SB. I am working at 5-Ecom, so I may have visit one of these days. Thanks.
    Author of:

    4 years ago
    • Michelle

      No problem. Lucky you, you’re near one of the Starbucks Reserve branches that offer the affogatos and floats. Hope to read your review of them on your blog. 😀

      4 years ago

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