Consistently inconsistent

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Been a while, huh? Sorry, I got a bit busy as of late. I had a writing assignment on the side that proved to be quite the challenge. And I only had a few days to finish it.

And because of that — and since I also have a day job — blogging was kinda set on the sidelines.

I had hoped that this year, I would be consistently churning out posts, keep my blog updated frequently. After all, one of the factors that make a good blog or site is that it is consistently updated.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. No matter how I try to publish at least once a week, I just can’t.

Oh well.

But that’s not stopping me from continuing my blogging journey. I still enjoy writing on my blog. So even if I’m not always putting out a post, I’m still here and alive. Hehe!

I’ve thought of doing content scheduling. But even scheduling is quite hard with the things I have to do in a single day.

So sorry if I’m more of the here-and-now kind of blogger. Hehe!

Anyways… there are things I want to tell you but I’m pressed for time right now. Promise to post more frequently next time!

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