Creating a Media Kit and Rate Card

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I’ve been blogging for years now, I’ve had brands contact me to post for them, attend their event, etc. But it’s only now that I’ve gotten into making a media kit and rate card for my blog.

To be honest, my initial thoughts were:

  • I’m still not at the level of influencers and big-time bloggers
  • I’ve only worked with a few brands
  • Are my rates too high or too low?

But since a PR representative emailed me asking for my rate card, I thought, whatever, I’m gonna do this. Now.

So, the next thing on my mind was: where do I start?

Fortunately, there are quite a number of resources for this. Just Google “blogger media kit” and you’ll find tons of pegs.

Just remember that your media kit should contain the following:

  • What your blog is about and the topics you cover
  • A brief background of the author — that’s you
  • Some statistics like site views and social media followers
  • An overview of your audience demographics
  • Contact details

Facebook and Twitter have Insights where you can check these. For Instagram, I think the account should be a business account to see these numbers. If your blog is connected to Google Analytics, you can also find your audience demographics there.

Now, how to make the media kit?

If you can create from scratch, go with Photoshop. But if you want to save time on the design, Canva is a great site to use. You have to have an account, though, but creating one is easy. And free.

Even with a free account, you can have access to media kit templates that you can use and edit. That’s what I did — I searched for a template and modified it to show my site info and look.

You can also incorporate the rate card into your media kit or do a separate file for it. I put my rate card together with my media kit so that I can just send both in one go.

Once you’re done, just save your media kit as a PDF file. Now you can send that to clients or attach it to your site.

Here’s a sneak peek of my media kit:

Media Kit Sample
Yeah, it’s too pink. LOL!

Must admit, it took me a whole day just to make this. If you’re much more skilled in design than I am, it may take you a lot quicker. Hehe!

I now feel legit. Not that I’m a fake blogger, LOL! At least now, I can give something to brands and reps who ask for a media kit and rate card.

Hope I helped you create your own media kit. Leave a message if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer. 🙂

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