In Defense of The Blogger (aka #NoToFakeNews)

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I guess I’m writing this a few days late, but only because I needed a clear mind to do so.

Before I continue, I’d like to make these few points:

  1. I am a blogger since 2008.
  2. I had training in campus journalism back in college, way before 2008.
  3. I read blogs that span across a number of topics.
  4. Unfortunately, I don’t read Mocha Uson’s blog posts. Ha.


In response to Mocha Uson’s “I’m a blogger, not a journalist” statement a few days ago:

While bloggers are not required to be always objective, since some have built blogs to make reviews and state opinions on certain products or services or issues, it doesn’t mean that bloggers are irresponsible. More so create fake news.

Real bloggers are mindful of what they put in their online portals. They are careful enough not to make exaggerations, spins, and false statements.

Real bloggers are responsible enough to research first, weigh pros and cons, and determine the right words to use. Because they fully well know and understand the power of words.

And while most wouldn’t know the Journalist’s Code of Ethics (unless they have a Journalism background), real bloggers adhere to stating facts and truths, never distorting them for gain or sensationalism.

The argument, “I’m a blogger, not a journalist,” reeks of entitlement and ignorance. And it gives real bloggers — many of the good ones — a stigma, a bad reputation. Which the blogging community doesn’t deserve.

So please, Mocha Uson (and her ilk), if you see a wide gap between blogging and journalism, it’s time you make a decision. I don’t really like Senator Nancy Binay but I have to agree with her: decide whether you want to be a Communications Assistant Secretary for the incumbent government or be just a “blogger” by your own definition.

Give the real bloggers some dignity, will you?

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