Dessert-making semi-disaster (at least they’re still edible)

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Weeks ago, I decided to download the easy chocolate truffles recipe I found while browsing the Net.

“Easy?” Probably if I had complete utensils. But because I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, that meant the need for improvisation (my mom kept all the baking utensils in one corner of the house).

It’s also hard if you don’t have an assistant in making desserts. I always had my mom to help me out then (I had to disturb my husband from his viewing pleasure; he was watching Afro Samurai Resurrection).

But because it’s her birthday tomorrow, I thought the weekend was a good time to try out the truffles recipe.

Ended up not quite perfect, but edible. No pics because I’m too shy to show it to you all. Just imagine the truffles having an irregular, not-so-round shape. Found it difficult to roll without wearing those plastic gloves they use for baking.

Anyways, for the curious ones out there, here’s the rundown of the ingredients and procedure.

You would need:

1 cup semi-sweet choco chips (or even it it’s not chips, you can use the bars, just make sure it amounts to 1 cup)
1 pack (8 oz.) softened cream cheese

What to do: First, mix (or beat) the softened cream cheese until there are no lumps left. If you don’t have an electric mixer, a powerful limb will do. Good for exercise, too.

Meanwhile, melt the choco chips using a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can improvise: use two saucepans, put the choco chips on one saucepan and water on the other. Boil the water then remove from heat. Put the saucepan with the choco chips on top of it and melt the chocolate. Don’t worry, the steam from the boiled water is hot enough to make the choco chips turn gooey.

Mix the melted chocolate and the cream cheese. Don’t beat it too much or else bubbles will form. Do the folding method, I think that’s better.

Put the mixture inside the refrigerator for about an hour or until it sets. If it seems to have a chewy texture, it’s good to go for rolling. Scoop about a tablespoon (or depending on how big or small you want your truffles to be) of the mixture, roll it into a ball, then place on non-stick paper or wax paper-covered pan. You can put it in the ref again or roll it on some crushed nuts (I’m thinking almonds or walnuts, yum!). Me, I put the pans in the ref again and melted another batch of chocolate. I dipped the truffles into the melted chocolate for a few seconds (before the heat melts the truffles) and put it back on the tray and into the ref.

In paper (or monitor), it seemed pretty easy. I guess I just have to have the proper utensils (I’m missing the spatulas, pans and stainless bowls) and a big workspace. It can get pretty messy, too, especially with the gooey chocolate mixture sticking to your hands. But it tasted alright, I just needed to work on presentation.

Hey, at least I tried.


  1. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    This is the usual case when I try making something for the first time. I usually just settle for edible. The second time, I try for presentation too. 🙂

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Yup, that’s what I’ll work on next time. Pero I’ll have to fix my budget muna, cream cheese kasi is expensive. Plus I have to get the utensils from my mom. Thanks sis!

      13 years ago

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