My Disney On Ice hangover

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Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I had a chance to watch the latest Disney on Ice last January 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Since I was given 2 tickets, I brought my eldest daughter with me. She’s a big Disney fan and loves the movie “Frozen”.

Zee woke up kinda under the weather that Sunday, but there was no stopping her from seeing Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven (plus Mickey Mouse). So clad in her Anna-inspired dress and bonnet (complete with braids!), she and I (and her dad) made our way to Cubao.

Disney on Ice 2015
Arrived early, so we had time to take photos outside

We were seated at the side of the stage/skating rink, at the 4th row. We had a pretty good view (although most of the time the characters were facing and posing at the front, facing the VIP crowd. I didn’t mind, as there were times the main cast came to our side and waved at us.

Disney on Ice 2015
This was our vantage point. The size of the rink (stage) was smaller compared to the ice skating rink in SM Megamall.
Disney on Ice 2015
One’s puyat, the other’s under the weather. Aww.
Disney on Ice 2015
While we were seated at the side of the stage, the characters would sometimes skate to where we were and greet us with a wave. Here’s Minnie Mouse greeting the audience at the right (or was it left?) of the stage.
Disney on Ice 2015
Mickey Mouse!
Disney on Ice 2015
Beauty and the Beast was on the second act. The Little Mermaid and Tangled came in the first act.
Disney on Ice 2015
A scene from Frozen, in which Anna visits Elsa in her ice castle.

We enjoyed the show, although Zee got scared of some of the fireworks (the sound of Gaston’s rifle and when Elsa made it snow in summer). And yes, it also snowed inside Smart Araneta Coliseum. Well, it was a snow maker that spewed foam. If you remember the snow from SM Megamall’s ice skating rink, it’s pretty similar to that (but without the detergent smell). Actually, it snowed 3 times (I think?). I must say, it was kinda cool, but at some point it bothered me because I couldn’t see well.

Disney on Ice 2015
The Araneta Patron section’s in deep, deep, deep, deep snow…

But all in all, I enjoyed this edition of Disney On Ice. I guess that’s partly because they also featured my favorite Disney animated movie, Beauty and the Beast (I was singing along to “Little Town” and “Be Our Guest”, the choreography of which I loved so much). Production was great, the set for each of the stories were of high-quality, and the ice skaters performed really well.

The Disney On Ice surely was a great closure to our 2015. It truly capped our holidays. You know, with ice. And snow.


Thanks again, Disney On Ice and MBP! My daughter and I really had a wonderful time. 🙂

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