Dizon Studios: Capturing Wonderful Wedding Moments and Memories

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I love weddings. I love the romance all around, the happiness felt by the couple, and the joy of the people surrounding them. Seeing the smiles, feeling the love — it’s that one moment when a man and a woman say “I do” that makes my heart flutter and melt at the same time.

That’s why I like looking at wedding pictures. Not just mine and hubby’s, but of others as well. I can’t help but be awed and touched by images of the bride and groom taken by Manila wedding photographers. It’s amazing how they can capture the happiness they feel, that they will finally be together for the rest of their lives.

One of the gorgeous wedding photos I’ve seen recently is of Jose and Trid, taken by Dizon Studios. You can see how happy and in love they are with each other.

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 1

The lensmen really knew how to utilize the surroundings and play with the lighting to add a dramatic effect.

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 2

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 3

They’re also keen on the details. And the composition is great, such as this photo of the whisky flask.

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 4

And of course, the bride. Dizon Studios truly captured her radiance.

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 5

Who says there’s no fun photo here? Look at the groom and his men goofing around. And oh, isn’t that Sam YG?

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 6

I love this photo of the bride and her maids. I like how the bride’s white wedding dress stood out from the bridesmaids’ royal blue dresses.

Dizon Studios - Jose + Trid 8

Just by looking at the images, you know that Jose and Trid’s wedding was filled with love, between the couple and from their families and friends.

The same-day edit of the wedding is amazing, too. I like the MTV-style and the HD camera work here.

When it comes to wedding photographers, the Philippines has a lot of talented ones. Some well-known names may come with a high price tag, though. But Dizon Studios proves that high-quality and amazingly conceptualized wedding photos and videos can work within your budget, too.

So if you’re a couple canvassing for Manila wedding photographers, check out Dizon Studios. Visit www.dizonstudios.com or their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Dizonstudios/ to view samples of their work.

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