Dying young

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Last Sunday, I received a text message saying that a colleague of mine died of a car accident.

I felt weird and a bit disoriented, because that day we were holding a despedida for a cousin of mine. A happy occasion combined with a sad text message created a swirling feeling inside me.

(EDIT: After visiting Mark at Cinco Estrella, Levi, his girlfriend, told us what happened, according to the police. Below is the summary.)

According to Levi, our writer and Mark’s girlfriend of two years, the accident happened at about 3AM in San Bartolome near Quirino Highway, just a few minutes away from his house. Witnesses were not sure whether a vehicle hit him or he just lost control of his car. An hour and a half passed when the cops responded and brought his body not to a nearby hospital but to a morgue in Commonwealth Avenue. They said he died on the spot. He was not wearing his seatbelt.

My colleague was 28.


It’s not the first time that I’ve known people who died even before they passed the 30-year-old mark. He’s the fourth, I think. But like what my former officemate said in her FB, I’d also like to tap Death in the shoulder and ask why she gets the good ones first.

I mean, there are those who deserve to go first, if you know what I’m saying…

Just asking.


I’ve only met him for a little while, got to work with him on a few projects before my maternity leave, but that table on that corner of the Launch Team really feels empty.

Rest in peace, Mark Schwab. And may you find justice soon.


  1. U.Pink

    that’s really sad.. sorry for the lost of you team 🙁

    13 years ago
  2. PInay in Dutchland

    oh sad! well dying young i think is always better than dying old and suffering. may he rest in peace.

    13 years ago

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