Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 1

After we attended a sample class for LEAD Tutorial and Preschool’s Life Hacks Summer Workshop, hubby decided to enroll our eldest daughter. He was impressed with the lessons offered because they were not the usual academics or sports-themed classes. Life Hacks was, well, about life hacks, practical stuff that are useful in any situation.

We decided that it would only be Ate who’ll attend since she’s pretty much low maintenance. Plus hubby can bring her to his place of work, which is near where LEAD is.

On the first week, she and her classmates learned about musical appreciation and doing simple chores. The teacher taught them the proper way of washing the clothes and dishes. Now she knows which part of the shirt to wash first, or if it’s glasses or cutlery that should go first.

LEAD Tutorial and Preschool Life Hacks Summer Workshop
There’s my kid, all smiles as she washes her shirt. LOL! Photo from LEAD Tutorial and Preschool Facebook Page.

They also have some storytelling times, I think. Her assignment for last week was about an alternate ending for “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Despite being overly imaginative, she had a hard time making an alternate ending that hubby and I had to help her out. Hmm, I guess that’s one thing to focus on.

One thing I noticed is that she’s really looking forward to attending the Life Hacks Workshop. She seems pretty happy when I meet her up after work and she’ll tell me what happened during the class.

It easily makes her tired, though. But at least the workshop has an M-W-F schedule, meaning she can rest in between days.

Let’s see what’s in store for her and the other kids on Week 2.


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