Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 2

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So far, my eldest has been enjoying her Life Hacks Summer Workshop at LEAD Tutorial Center in Mandaluyong. Week 1 was about some simple household chores. On Week 2, they tackled about calling parents during an emergency, car washing, and identifying money.

Life Hacks
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In the first activity, the teacher asked the students to memorize the cellphone number of their parents in case there is stranger danger or an emergency. My daughter was able to memorize my number (I also made her remember the landline number at home). I remember Cjay Bautista, the owner of LEAD, explaining why this is important during the sample class. She said that people nowadays just store numbers on their cellphones and not really memorizing them. Before cellphones came to be in the country, we had to memorize the phone numbers of our parents’ office or our classmate’s house. That ability is now lost in many kids today. That’s why LEAD included this lesson in their Life Hacks workshop.

The second activity involved the kids into washing a car properly. Sad to say, eldest missed out on this since she had fever the night before.

She practically begged me to bring her to LEAD that day via text. LOL! Hubby and I were in the office already and can’t take her there anymore. We just told her to rest so that she’ll be in tip-top shape for the next class that week.

And rest she did, that’s why she was able to attend the next class, which had them identifying Philippine money. One of their activities was filling out a dummy deposit slip, writing the kind of Peso bill, the quantity, and the actual amount on it. This activity is a primer on what they’ll do next: visit a bank (first activity for Week 3).


As eldest had developed a cough late last week, we took her to the pedia for a check-up. The doctor didn’t find anything to be concerned about; it may be due to the weather. And then she asked us what my daughter was doing for the summer. So we shared to her that she’s enrolled in the Life Hacks workshop and gave her a preview of it.

Our pedia was mightily impressed. She said it was the first time she’s heard of such lessons given to kids because usually summer workshops were about arts or sports. She was very curious about it that she asked where the workshop takes place and how much it costs. And she took note of the workshop and the name of LEAD Tutorial. Hopefully, she can spread the word about it, too. Why not, right?


Week 3 starts and in 2 weeks’ time, they’ll be having a culminating activity. Excited to see what the kids have learned. 🙂

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